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What is in the Website?:

-           This website contains our late collection of artificial plants, artificial food, Christmas decorations and Basketwares and others.

-           Each individual group is identified by a unique number (e.g. F101, X91 etc). Each group may consist of two sections, “Products” and “Showroom” or either one of them.

-           “Products” represent individual photos of a group of product from one of our factory. “Showroom” is the photos of our factory showroom.


How to use our website?:

-           Our website does not provide price information due to the rapid change of cost.

-           Please select the items in the “Products” section and email us the item numbers for quotation.

-           If you are interested in any items or group of items in our “Showroom” photos, please email us the showroom photo number. We will then email those photos to you by return for you to select the interested items.